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How To Survive A Lightning Strike [VIDEO]
Most people have heard the safety tip that the car is a safe place to survive a lightning storm because it rides on rubber tires, but ironically it is the metal body of the car that protects you from the high voltage.
107 Regional Slang Words [VIDEO]
When I was a kid, my Mom used to say, "Go to the market and get some tonic for you and your sister." I knew what she meant, but people from all over the world refer to soda in their own way, depending on where you grew up. And it's not just soda, there's a lot of slang …
6 Foreign Foods Invented In The USA [VIDEO]
Some foods that you know and love weren't from the countries you thought they were from. Check out these six foreign foods that were very much Americanized, and not considered any part of where you think they would be.
How Old Are Your Ears? [VIDEO]
Have you ever heard a quiet, yet distinct high pitched sound that your parents just couldn’t hear? That might be because our hearing fades as we age and they just can’t hear it anymore.
World’s Greatest Pizza Dough Twirler [VIDEO]
One of my first jobs was making pizzas. I didn't just roll out the dough, spread the ingredients all over it, and put in the oven. I learned how to toss and twirl the pizza dough like you should, instead of using a pizza press.

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