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What Your Pets Really Do When You’re Not Home [VIDEO]
It's happened many times when my family and I would go out to eat, or just going to the store, we would leave our dog alone at home, only to find her somewhere else in the house, or into something she shouldn't have. If only we videotaped it, we could have seen how she did it.
Crab Steals GoPro Camera [VIDEO]
YouTuber Diederick Ryan recently vacationed in Fiji, and had a GoPro Camera with him to capture the scenery and wildlife of the island.  He got a surprise visit from a thieving crab.
Silent Night Tradition For 2013 [VIDEO]
Taylor Universityin Upland, Indiana has a great tradition on the Friday before exams during their Division III basketball game where the entire crowd stays quiet, with a few whispers, until the Trojans score their tenth point. Then, loud chaotic cheering ensues.
Christmas Lights Guinness World Record For 2013 [VIDEO]
Did you realize we are now under a month away from Christmas? Uh oh. Still have shopping to do, and decorate the house for all the cars that pass by. Can't compete with this family from Australia though, they have the world's record for Christmas lights.

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