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The Unstealable Bike [VIDEO]
The #1 thing we all think about, especially if you're a bicycle owner, is "How do I protect and safely lock and secure my bike?" What if the bike itself, was a lock?
Pitbull That Loves To Play With Bubbles [VIDEO]
Truth be told, I am a dog lover. Sometimes, I hate how certain dogs are portrayed as evil, like German Shepards, Rottweilers, even Pitbulls. They're not all bad. I had a German Shepard growing up and she was the nicest dog ever. Plus, if you give them bubbles to play with, the kid comes out…
Jay Z Cheating Rumors !
Jay Z Cheating Rumors !
Beyonce shocked fans during a recent show when she changed some lyrics that left fans wondering . Rumors some trouble in paradise have been circulating for a while now and these recent developments and have some wondering if her days with Jay Z  are numbered ...

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