World Cup 2014
With Germany's thrilling 1-0 win over Argentina just earlier today, the 2014 World Cup has officially come to its end.
Portugal or the United States-Who Will You Root For
I'm not a soccer fan my any means. I haven't watched anything except for highlights of the World Cup, and that is only because I'm waiting for baseball highlights on ESPN.
With that said, something made me wonder. On Sunday, the United States will be taking on Portugal in World Cup soc…
Canadian Sportscasters Go Nuts Over Winning Goal
It was not a good day once again for the USA in Olympic hockey as once again our country goes down to the Canadians in mens hockey by a score of 2-1
The USA also lost to Canada in womens hockey, and if these two losses aren't already a major bummer, check out these three Canadian sportscasters g…
Kayne West Says He May Leave The U.S. Because of Racism
Kayne West allegedly punched a teenager in the face for using the N word and now he says because of racism, he may decide to leave the country.
He claims that he dreads the day that he has to explain to his daughter North exactly what racism is and said he would consider moving out of the country to …

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