Fun 107 #MorningFun Social Media Experiment
We love social media, some might say a little too much. We were really impressed with a stunt the 'Today Show' pulled trying to get people to tweet photos to them, and now we want to give it a whirl.
Twitter Launches New Music App
If you haven't been following along with the latest trends, then chances are you aren't on twitter. If you're not on twitter than you are missing out. The social media site that is growing day by day has finally launched its highly anticipated music app.
Justin Timberlake Hints At More Scavanger Hunts
He celebrated an early Easter by sending fans on a Twitter scavenger hunt across the country, and he may do it again.  Justin Timberlake tweeted on Friday that he was hiding signed copies of his "The 20/20 Experience" album in various places around the…
Twitter Announces New Premium Service
Twitter, now changing their name to Twttr, has decided to switch to a more basic service. Starting today, you only get to use consonants, and for $5 a month, you can use their premium 'Twitter' service which also includes vowels.

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