Daft Punk Takes Off Masks [VIDEO]
The Robots may have won five Grammys but that did not stop TSA from demanding the French house music duo take off the helmets and robotic costumes at LAX before boarding their flight, according to TMZ.
Thank you, TSA! Finally we all get to see the mystery men behind the smash hit, "Get Lucky…
Kanye West Walks into Sign Post To Avoid Paparazzi [VIDEO]
Recently, Kanye West and his baby mama Kim Kardashian left a restaurant in Los Angeles, only to encounter a swarm of paparazzi snapping photo after photo, but if you're going to lower your head to avoid being photographed, watch where you're going Kanye or else you'll be the victim of…
Malcolm In The Middle Star Frankie Muniz Suffers Mini-Stroke
Frankie Muniz, who starred in "Malcolm in the Middle" is said to have suffered a 'mini-stroke'.
According to TMZ, The actor was taken to an Arizona hospital on Friday after friends noticed he was acting really weird.
He was having trouble speaking and understanding words.

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