Taco Bell

St. Louis Teen Takes Senior Portraits At Taco Bell
remember when I told you guys I was gonna get my senior pictures at taco bell and you thought I was joking pic.twitter.com/GiJK5mNZRf
— @MOGirlProbs (@MOGirlProbs) August 7, 2015
A St. Louis teen took her senior portraits at Taco Bell and the internet is going crazy over it.
Charlie Sheen Is At It Again
So, by now you've probably heard the story and we even discussed it in our entertainment update this morning.  Just in case you missed it, though, Charlie Sheen went on a drunken stroll through a Taco Bell drive thru, the other day.
Taco Bell Employee Shoots Customer
Looks like the Doritos Loco made someone too loco. This weekend, a Taco Bell employee in one of their Springfield, Ma locations shot a customer with a BB gun.
Accordning to ABC 6, a customer went through the drive-thru at 4am on Sunday...
What…Tacos For Breakfast?
Have you ever dreamed of having a taco for breakfast?  Well, Taco Bell is making your dreams come true on March 27 when they launch their first ever breakfast menu.
New Taco Bell Opens In New Bedford
You could find them in North Dartmouth, Fall River, Fairhaven and Taunton, but now there is a brand new Taco Bell in New Bedford.  It opened Wednesday at Riverside Landing near Market Basket, just off the Coggeshall Street exit of I-195...
Is Taco Bell Going Healthy?
Taco Bell isn't putting down the chalupa just yet, but it is embarking on a push to shake its reputation as a purveyor of junk food.  The fast-food chain announced yesterday that it's exploring ways to offer more balanced choices and transparency...

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