snow storm

Chelsea Priest Explains ‘Bombogenesis’.
We've seen a lot of alarming terms on the internet to describe tomorrow's Southcoast storm.  #BlizzardBomb #BombCyclone and #Bombogenesis are now trending.  What in the heck is "bombogenesis"?  We just had to ask Chelsea Priest from ABC 6 this morning.
Southcoast Snow Storm on Saturday
Because we were just getting used to the idea of a 45 degree January, we are being blessed with 6 -10 inches of snow all day Saturday, January 7th.
Chelsea Priest of ABC 6 News with the weather report that is giving us chills.
Plymouth County and the Cape with almost 10 inches...
What’s Cooking In Your House Tonight?
Six inches of snow so far and the night is still young.  What are YOU eating tonight?  We want to see what YOU are cooking!
While we are all stuck inside during the snow storm tonight, why not test out your cooking skills, right?  Try a recipe you've never tried before, what …

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