Unsolved Mysteries: The Fun 107 Snack Machine
Every morning as I walk into my office here at the Fun Studio, I pass a gravely and sad looking snack vending machine that was once full of life. For some odd reason, the folks here at Fun 107 and our sister station WBSM lost interest in purchasing the tasty treats leaving nothing but two bags of Na…
Cheesy Doritos Crusted Chicken Fingers Recipe
I love to have a bag of chips while I am sitting on the couch watching sports, a movie or playing a board game. And if I get to choose any bag of chips it usually Doritos. I have found that this recipe can be made with either nacho cheese or cool ranch. It's no surprise that I have recipes to i…
Hot Dog Flavored Potato Chips
I went grocery shopping the other day and came across Hot Dog Flavored Potato Chips. Have you seen them, or better yet, has anyone ever tried these?

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