Mr. Rogers Singing In Auto-Tune [VIDEO]
I love auto-tune. Especially when you can grab anything and put it to music. Our very own Mr. Rogers who we grew up as kids watching him before Sesame Street jumps on the auto-tune bandwagon as well.
Where Are All The Karaoke Hot Spots On The Southcoast? [VIDEO]
Back before I was a dad, I lived and breathed karaoke. For those that have seen me do my thing, it was performance at its best. I am the Michael Jackson of karaoke, minus the moves. But, here and there, I've tried to find the places that have karaoke to keep the singing thing going, and someone a…
Restaurant Sued For Singing Happy Birthday? Yes, It Happened
This is another example, in my opinion, of humanity losing thier minds. I went to a restaurant on Saturday for lunch. My daughter noticed that a few people were celebrating a birthday there, but instead of the usual joyful waiters and waitresses singing happy birthday, it was JUST the guests.