Sharon fogaren

Wishing Sharon A Happy Birthday [AUDIO]
November 17th, many years ago, Sharon Fogaren was born. A lot of harm might come my way if I say what year it was, and I still can't believe 5 years ago in September we lost her, but just wanted to take a moment, celebrate who she was for a second, and wish her a Happy Birthday.
Sharon’s Walk 2013 [PICS] [VIDEO]
You couldn't have asked for a better day for Sharon's Walk. Hundreds of FUN 107 listeners and Southcoast Hospital Groups volunteers arrived at Fort Taber in New Bedford to walk for the Southcoast Centers For Cancer Care.
Remembering Fun 107’s Sharon
We got the news 3 years ago today. September 2nd, 2009. After fighting for her life for nearly 2 weeks, we had lost her. Our friend, Sharon, was gone. We kept asking the same questions. How could someone so young, so healthy, with so much more life to live and so much to offer, actually be gone…