State Senate Passes Bill Banning Cell Phone Use While Driving
The Massachusetts Senate passed legislation today that will prohibit the use of handheld mobile devices while driving, unless they are in hands-free mode.
The so-called "Distracted Driving bill" was spearheaded by Senator Mark Montigny of New Bedford, a longtime advocate of the proh…
Montigny Could Make Extra $50k in Stipends
Senator Mark Montigny is coming under fire from critics of the state legislature's recent pay raise, after it was revealed the New Bedford Democrat could get a raise of up to $50,000 under the new legislative pay bill.
The $18 million pay raise package was passed in both chambers of the sta…
Tax-Free Holiday Coming To Massachusetts In August
Good news! House and Senate lawmakers have voted to give Massachusetts residents another sales tax holiday this summer!
Bad news: they haven't agreed on a date yet.
The Senate vote on Tuesday agreed that the holiday would come either August 9 or 10th while the House voted to make it either August…