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Pharrell Breaks Down On The Oprah Show
Pharrell Williams is enjoying HUGE success with his hit "Happy"!
The song is popular worldwide, and has inspired many around the world to make videos of inspiration thanks to the songs happy lyrics.
Pharrell was on the Oprah show, and she played him a clip of that inspiration and his…
Route 140 Traffic From Reported Jumper
If you drove south on Route 140 from Taunton today, you may have been in the grid lock traffic caused by a reported jumper on an overpass which caused at least one car crash.
According to the Taunton Daily Gazette, a MedFlight helicopter was called to the scene, arriving around 4:30 p...
Woman Gets Robbed While On Camera [VIDEO]
A woman got robbed wile on the streets of Brazil while being interviewed about gun control.
The victim was discussing street crime for an interview  While she was standing on the sidewalk reportedly discussing the problem, a thief ran up and ripped a gold necklace from around her neck...
Boston Firefighters Break Windows On BMW To Fight Fire
A BMW that was illegally parked during a fire on Wednesday had its windows smashed out by Boston firefighters so that they could get water to the fire quickly.
The owner of the car, who claims the car was brand new, said he was "Mad". He was also given a 100 dollar fine...
Man Remarkably Escapes Serious Injury {VIDEO]
How lucky is this guy!!
This is dashcam footage of Texas A&M veterinary professor Dr. Guan Zhu who  is very fortunate to have escaped serious injury or even death when a cement truck tipped on its side and slammed into the professor's car in College Station.
Massachusetts To Set Aside 40 Million To Fix Potholes
The City Of New Bedford can apply for a share of 40 Million dollars that the state is setting aside to help fix the states massive pothole problem.
There are many areas in need of repair on the Southcoast and hopefully this money is put to good use, and we can drive without fear of losing the wheels …
Rat On New York Subway Has Riders Going Crazy
On Monday, a rider boarded a New York Subway and didn't buy a ticket!
Its bad enough to see a huge rat anywhere, but when its trapped in a subway car with people, I can understand why the over the top reactions occur.
Watch, as business men, students and other commuters stand in fear of the roden…
Zeiterion Theater Getting A Makeover
The very historic Zeiterion theater in downtown New Bedford is getting a bit of a makeover.The original brick work is being restored as well as changes to the marquee. There will also be improvements to the entrance to the building and making changes that result in a more historical look...
Major Road Construction In New Bedford
A major construction project is underway in New Bedford, and it may be a big headache for many commuters for about a year.
The bottom of Route 140 and Kempton Street (Route 6) is now under construction and will take approximately a year to complete...

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