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Glazed Donuts From Ma’s Donuts Are Elusive Once Again
We have all eaten them, and we all love them. But after 5 consecutive trips to Ma's donuts, I have walked away empty handed.
For the past 3 weeks, I have made 5 trips to the New Bedford landmark. Three times before 9am, once before 8am, and each time not only are there no glazed donuts, but ther…
New England Patriots Scheduled Released
The New England Patriots will open up the 2014 season in Miami to take on the Dolphins.
The Broncos will be in Foxboro this season as well.
Those are just two of the highlights on the schedule for upcoming season for the Patriots.
Here is the complete schedule...
Anniversary Of First Video Uploaded To You Tube
YouTube just celebrated a milestone! It was April 23rd 2005 when the first video was uploaded to the site.
To date  its been viewed of 14 Million times! it's a pretty basic video of course, but here it is below.
I would love to know the total number of videos that have been uploaded in the past 9 year…
Nickelodeon 90’s Shows Streamed On Website
If your a fan of all the shows that ran on Nickelodeon in the 90's, you are gonna LOVE this website. I'll warn you ahead of time though, you WILL waste time at work if you click here!!
This website has all of your favorite Nickelodeon shows...
Marathon Runner “Twerks” To Finish Line
What a great day in Boston yesterday as the Boston Marathon was celebrated by almost 1 Million spectators and over 30,000 runners.
We saw the first American win on the mens side since 1983, a beautiful day, many happy faces, and THIS women who may have had the best finish line move of all the runners…
Comcast Voted Worst Company In America
Comcast has been voted the worst company in America for 2014 according to
It was the worse 4 years ago as well, and despite Comcast's claims to be dedicated to customer service, it has once again won the title of worst for 2014...
New Bedford High Teacher Who Was Attacked Learns Her Fate
It was the outcome I was hoping for. The teacher who was involved in the chair throwing incident last month at New Bedford High School has been cleared of any wrong doing.
it was also nice to hear that administrators and all who were present in the meeting worked together and communication was open o…
Is There Still Pride In New Bedford? [POLL]
Another day, another shooting in New Bedford it seems like this has been a tough 2014 so far for the city.
From stories about shootings, to violence in New bedford schools,its easy to understand if New Bedford pride is slowly dissapearing from the minds of people who live here...

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