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UMass Dartmouth To Be Smoke Free Soon
The target date is June 1st for the campus of UMass Dartmouth. The UMass Dartmouth committee has recommended the the campus be smoke and tobacco free by that date.
The goal, according to administrators, is to create a healthier environment at the school...
Ideas For Mothers Day Gifts
Mothers Day is coming up fast, and of course Mom deserves a nice gift right? But, sometimes it can be tough to figure out what the perfect gift should be.
Of course, you can always go the beauty salon route. What Mom doesn't want a day at the beauty salon...
NBA Owner Sterling Banned For Life
Los Angeles Clippers owner Donald Sterling has been banned by the NBA for life, and has been fined 2.5 Million dollars for racist audio recordings.
The NBA annouced the ban just three days after the revelation of a racist audio recording which has been confirmed to be Sterlings voice.
New Wooden Coaster To Open At Storyland
I love roller coasters! My favorite ones are the old fashioned wooden coasters like the "Comet" at the old Lincoln Park, or the one that is decades old at Canobie Lake Park.
There is a NEW wooden coaster that is just about ready to open, and its a drive away at Storyland in New Hamp…
Atari’s “E.T” The Worst Video Game Ever Made
I've played my share of video games in my life. Everything from games on the old Radio Shack TRS-80, right up to PS3.
But the worst video game ever made has to be the Atari E.T. game from 1982.
Atari rushed to get this game out because the movie was incridibly popular...
NIssan Developes The First Self Cleaning Car
I love to have a clear car. I certainly don't do it myself though. I am at the car wash often.
But soon, we may never have to wash our cars again, or at least we will do it much less.
It seems NIssan has developed a paint that repels dirt and spray...

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