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Family Feud Question Is Too Risky To Answer [VIDEO]
I was just scanning the internet for interesting things to share with you today, and even though this is a little old, I had to share it.
Watch these two guys refuse to answer a question due to the content of said question.
I wonder who will laugh more, the ladies or the men...
Oscar Speech Leaves Many Inspired [VIDEO]
As a father of a 6-year-old daughter, I'll be sure to show Abby this must-watch video of a speech by Oscar nominee Lupita Nyong someday. In it, Nyong provides a lesson on what real beauty is and how everything else is superficial.
National Pancake Day Is Today [POLL]
Today is national pancake day and pretty much everyone I know loves pancakes.
I prefer to have mine with just butter and syrup and I like to make my own with some Bisquick rather than the pour and serve kind.
Since today IS national pancake day, lets take a vote on who has the best pancakes in the sou…
Wave Crashes Through Restaurant [VIDEO]
There are a few things that can cause your dinner to be interrupted at a restaurant.
There isn't too many times where THIS is going to be the culprit though.
Check out this video of a wave smashing through windows at a restaurant in California...

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