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Family Feud Question Is Too Risky To Answer [VIDEO]
I was just scanning the internet for interesting things to share with you today, and even though this is a little old, I had to share it.
Watch these two guys refuse to answer a question due to the content of said question.
I wonder who will laugh more, the ladies or the men...
Oscar Speech Leaves Many Inspired [VIDEO]
As a father of a 6-year-old daughter, I'll be sure to show Abby this must-watch video of a speech by Oscar nominee Lupita Nyong someday. In it, Nyong provides a lesson on what real beauty is and how everything else is superficial.
National Pancake Day Is Today [POLL]
Today is national pancake day and pretty much everyone I know loves pancakes.
I prefer to have mine with just butter and syrup and I like to make my own with some Bisquick rather than the pour and serve kind.
Since today IS national pancake day, lets take a vote on who has the best pancakes in the sou…
Wave Crashes Through Restaurant [VIDEO]
There are a few things that can cause your dinner to be interrupted at a restaurant.
There isn't too many times where THIS is going to be the culprit though.
Check out this video of a wave smashing through windows at a restaurant in California...
Officials Say New Bedford Fairhaven Bridge Needs Replacing
I have been over this bridge hundreds of times in my lifetime, but no matter how many times I'm stuck on the bridge, its still aggravating every time.
Some people turn around and head to 195 to defeat the bridge, but some say that takes just as long as waiting for the bridge to reopen...
Father Daughter Dances Should Be Exactly That
Before I get into this, let me start by saying that I'm not against any lifestyle or form of any lifestyle. People should do as they please. Now, with that out of the way, schools that have father/daughter dances should do just that.

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