Could Your Brain Be Hacked? [VIDEO]
The more technology advanced we become in society, the more we are potentially vulnerable to be hacked. When you think hacked, you think about computers right? But, what about the human brain? Can it be hacked too?
Can Science Prove That A Broken Heart is Real? [VIDEO]
The phrase, "you broke my heart" has been around as long as man and woman could find each other, fall in love, and then break-up. But, is it an actual phenomenon? Is a broken heart something that science can prove? The people over at ASAPScience decided to give this a go, and see w…
How To Survive A Lightning Strike [VIDEO]
Most people have heard the safety tip that the car is a safe place to survive a lightning storm because it rides on rubber tires, but ironically it is the metal body of the car that protects you from the high voltage.
Cape Cod Scientists Will Spend Month Tracking Great White Sharks
Scientists are hoping to attach electronic devices to as many as 20 great white sharks in the waters off the Cape this month.   They will try to learn why the big increase in the number of these feared creatures in those waters over the past few years.
Machine That Turns Sweat Into Water
UNICEF has invented a machine that turns human sweat into water, I know sounds gross but there is a need for it. The machine is called the Sweat Machine and was created in Sweden. The machine can turn human sweat into fresh water, and is much needed in parts of the world...

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