Rat On New York Subway Has Riders Going Crazy
On Monday, a rider boarded a New York Subway and didn't buy a ticket!
Its bad enough to see a huge rat anywhere, but when its trapped in a subway car with people, I can understand why the over the top reactions occur.
Watch, as business men, students and other commuters stand in fear of the roden…
Funny Snowman Prank Hits Boston [VIDEO]
This prank has been going on for three years, but this year, it makes its debut in Boston as this snowman gets people jumping, and a good chuckle from the Boston police.
Beware of some very slight NSFW audio at the half way point. (after all, these people are scared)
Check out the funny reactions from…
Are You Scared Of The Dentist? [POLL]
There are a lot of things that I would rather do, than go see the dentist. Sitting in that chair, you start to feel the anxiety take over, and the inevitable sinking feeling that there will be drilling in your near future.