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[UPDATE] Cause of Death of Ex-Fun 107 DJ Determined By Police
It's been just a little over three months since the shocking news of former Fun 107 DJ Jarod 'J-Rod' Gagnon's death rattled the station. With little evidence at the time, everyone was left puzzled and uneasy not knowing what had happened the night of the horrible car accident.
Driver With Road Rage Gets Instant Karma
For those of you that believe in karma, you will LOVE this video.
A driver who was being tailgated decided to record the motorist who is doing the tailgating.
Said motorist then gets a heavy dose of "Instant Karma" about a minute later...
The Worst Traffic Spots In New Bedford
I live about 20 minutes from Fun 107. Its mostly highway driving, and not a bad ride at all.
I have noticed that if I need to get from the south end of New Bedford to the north end of New Bedford it takes me longer than when I drive all the way home. Some spots in New Bedford take forever to get thro…
Crazy Road Rage As NYC Bikers Take-On SUV [VIDEO]
A road rage incident involving a gang of bikers in Manhattan and a SUV has gone viral once the video surfaced.   New York City police say a man driving a Range Rover with his wife and 2-year-old daughter inside Sunday struck a motorcyclist on West Side Highway, breaking his leg...

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