Rihanna Shaves Half Her Head!
Rihanna continues to be a hair chameleon who rivals Katy Perry and Lady Gaga with the ability to change her hair color, length and texture faster than her undies! Her latest look? Extra long, thanks to extensions, and half-shaved sides.
Rihanna + Chris Brown Collaborating on New Single
While their relationship is arguably 'Nobody's Business,' Rihanna and Chris Brown have no issues using it to market themselves. Aside from the endless stream of racy Instagram shots and not-so-subtle Twitter posts they share, the tempestuous twosome are now collaborating on yet anothe…
Did Jessie J Throw Shade at Rihanna on Twitter?
It seems like not a day goes by that Rihanna isn't embroiled in some sort of Twitter drama, but it turns out the latest installment of it isn't her fault. Jessie J was believed to have been mocking the Bajan beauty over the microblogging site, which didn't sit well with the Rihanna Na…
Rihanna Shows Off New Long Hair
Rihanna was out and about in Los Angeles on Sunday, Jan. 6 and no, she didn't Instagram any topless or overly sexy shots. Instead, the singer, who hung out at the My Studio nightclub, showed off a brand new hairstyle. She traded her short, black pixie, which shows off all of her facial features, for…

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