Virtual Reality Coaster To Open At Six Flags
BIG NEWS: #VirtualRealityCoaster coming to Six Flags in 2016! This changes everything! https://t.co/dl1KEh6MHm pic.twitter.com/nWjPoyQ8s0
— Six Flags NE (@SF_newengland) March 3, 2016
SUPERMAN will be a virtual reality coaster opening to the public next weekend.
Need A Ride? Try Uber.
Maybe you've heard of Uber, maybe you haven't. It's basically an alternative to calling a cab, it arrives faster, could potentially be cheaper and it's a total stranger giving you a ride.
Disney’s Space Mountain With The Lights On
I just got back from yet another great vacation to Disney, and as always it was a sad day when it was time to come home. But that's ok, the countdown has already started for the next Disney vacation in 2015.
This year, as my daughter and I rode the people mover in Tomorrowland which goes through…

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