Narragansett Beer Returns to Rhody Roots
Narragansett Beer celebrated its 125th birthday last year, but not many people realize it hasn't actually been in its home state of Rhode Island in over three decades. That's scheduled to change later this year, according to owner Mark Hellendrung.
David Duran Returns to FUN 107 [VIDEO]
Monday, June 30, 2014 marks the return of an old friend, as FUN 107 welcomes back David Duran! He's here to kickoff your workday at 9 AM and take you through your lunch. Carrying on with tradition, David's also spinning all of your favorite throwbacks at noon during the Back In The Day Caf…
Hostess Twinkies To Make Sweet Comeback
"The sweetest comeback ever."   That's the tag line the Hostess company is using to re-launch it's popular cream-filled cakes next month.
After filing for bankruptcy last year, Hostess is back in business thanks to new ownership. According to company officials, T…
Miss Twinkies? How About A Cloud Cake, Bingles Or Dreamies?
There were a lot of people who were heartbroken when Hostess pulled Twinkies (along with all their other sugar-laden desserts) off supermarket shelves last year. But do not fear; Cloud Cakes, Bingles, and Dreamies are here to save the day...