I Feel Responsible For The Patriots Loss Against The Ravens
Last night, I was with quite a lot of Patriots fans at Barrett's Ale House for Sunday's AFC Championship game. The night was filled with cheers, yelling, absolute silence, and this went on all through the night. Somehow I feel responsible for the Patriots loss for a comment I made just b…
NFL Referee Lockout Over
ESPN is reporting that the NFL referee lockout could be over.  League sources are saying that if the preliminary agreement hammered out early this morning is finalized, the REAL referees COULD be in place for Sunday's games!
Should Bill Belichick Be Fined For Grabbing NFL Referee? [POLL]
After the Patriots loss Sunday night, Bill Belichick ran over to one of the replacement NFL referees and grabbed him by the arm. It looked like he wanted to talk to the official about the controversial field goal that made the Baltimore Ravens the winner, but the ref continued to run off the field …