News Reporter Pranks Video Photobombers [VIDEO]
Too many times, you've seen a news reporter live on the scene somewhere, and when they least expect it, someone in the background embarrasses them. Not anymore! News reporter, Pat Tomasulo, from a Chicago News Station WGN decided to get back by pranking them.
The Best Celebrity Pranks Ever
April Fool's Day is today, and what better way to celebrate the day that it's totally cool to wrap a toilet in cellophane than to go through some of the best celebrity pranks throughout the ages?
Of course, by "ages," we mean anything within the new millennium.
FUN Morning Show Finally Reveals Prank To JR [AUDIO]
The FUN Morning Show explained their actions this morning to everyone listening concerning what happened yesterday. In fact, there was no offensive act or anything for that matter done. It was the creativity of of our listening audience that made it more real for our unsuspecting J.R.
Funny Scary Snowman Prank [VIDEO]
I can watch these for days. I love when people get pranked. They all have different reactions. They get scared, jump, punch, laugh, run away, that's what makes a prank a great prank.

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