Pooches in the Pool Puppy Splash
Calling all dogs!  Your pooch is invited to an end of the year summer dip in the YMCA Dartmouth Pool!  After hours and days of being used to keep campers cool in the summer months, the YMCA let's dogs have the final splash on Saturday, September 5th before closing the outdoor pool dow…
Teacher Drags High School Student Into Pool [VIDEO]
We heard about this from our friends at ABC6. They shared some disturbing video from their ABC affiliate in Sacramento (KXTV), where a high school gym teacher physically drags a 14 year old high school girl across a pool deck to throw her into the water...
Ring Of Fire Pool Dunk [VIDEO]
A video featuring a pool basketball dunk through a ring of fire has been making the rounds online and has been sparking up conspiracy theories here at the station.
Swimming Pool Games
It's not just Marco Polo the kids are playing in the pool these days, there are lots of new games that are fun for all ages. And the best part is, most of them use objects you've already got lying around the house!

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