What’s Your Favorite Easter Candy? [POLL]
Easter Sunday falls on March 31st, and we know who's visiting the little ones all around the Southcoast, the Easter Bunny! You wake up, run downstairs, and see all your favorite candies displayed in a bright neon easter basket.
How Pointless Is Daylight Savings Time? [POLL]
Billy Teed was nice enough to remind all of you to "Spring Forward" where all of us will lose an hour of sleep, but on the bright side is the sun will be up longer once we roll further into the Summer. But, do we really need Daylight Savings Time?
Who Has The Better Bread? [POLL]
I love bread. Especially good bread. A lot of places will just toss bread at you until the meal comes, but two places in particular I can think of have by far the greatest bread ever. It's almost too close to call for me, because I love Texas Roadhouse bread because of the sugar butter they use, …

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