What Will Be The 2013 Summer Song? [POLL]
With summer breathing right now our neck we are gearing up for the beach, parties and a whole lot of fun. One of the big questions that we keep getting asked is what the hot song of the summer is going to be. At this point, it's anyone's game.
Should Men Be Using Body Lotion? [POLL]
My wife has been complaining that my skin is too dry and I need to "moisturize". She's been on me about this for years.  "Drink more water," she says.  "Look at your hands!  They look like they could crack open."
To make matters worse, my skin is peeling from the sun I g…
Bikini Tan Lines: Attractive Or Unattractive? [POLL]
As the summer starts to come closer and closer to us, it is time to pick out that perfect bikini to tan on the beach. But the all this tanning in a bikini comes those tan lines so my question -- do you think tan lines are attractive or not attractive?

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