Should We Be Allowed ‘Personal’ Conversation At Work? [POLL]
Employees at Flushing Township in Michigan are upset about a measure to cut down on idle chatter at work.   This past July, the town adopted a new policy that requires all the employees of the town to only talk about business matters during the work day.
Could Justin Timberlake Play The Riddler In New Batman Movie? [POLL]
Justin Timberlake is known for being an extremely talented man not only taking on the music world but also the acting industry. During a recent radio interview he not only gave props to Ben Affleck who was just casted to play Batman in the upcoming Batman movie, but Justin also said he'd like to pla…
Windshield Flyers On Cars: Should They Be Illegal? [POLL]
I was at the Dartmouth Mall over the weekend for their Back To School Kids Fair. It was a terrific event, but I noticed when I was leaving that a local dancing school had taken advantage of the mall's event. They opportunistically placed flyers under the windshield wipers of every car in the …

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