Babies And Pets…Do They Mix?
Every year thousands of people get rid of their pets to make room for kids. The idea that babies and pets don't mix is a common thought, but is it true?
Pet Sitting Services: Any Recommendations?
Earlier today, I was talking about going on vacation and what to do with my cats while I am gone. In the past, I've had my Mom watch my cats, but her cat recently passed away, so I don't feel right asking her to watch mine. Plus, watching my cats for a week is a lot of work, so I'm …
Holiday Plants That Are Toxic To Pets
Even for those of us that are typically not plant people, we usually end up with some sort of greenery, plants or flowers in our home around the holidays. But for those of us with pets, we have to be careful what kinds of plants we're keeping around, because some of them could be toxic to our a…

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