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Shortage Of Wood Pellets This Winter
According to Acushnet Alternative Heating's owner Luke Niemec, if you own a pellet stove, you may want to stock up due to an expected shortage of pellets again this winter. Last winter season was long, snowy and super cold, calling for increased demand and shortages throughout the region...
Are There Any Wood Pellets Available Anywhere?
I was hoping that I wouldn’t have to worry about possibly getting another oil delivery before the end of winter, but this winter seems like it’s never going to end. My wife and I bought a pellet stove to help reduce our eating costs this winter and it was a very wise …
How To Save On Your Oil Bill [Sponsored]
Brrrr,  baby it's cold outside. My husband and I have owned our home for over three years and this is our 4th winter putting money towards oil.  We live in a modest size home, cape style just under 1400 sq. feet.