Tipping in Europe. Do They Have It Right?
During my trip to Europe, one of the weirdest things that took me days to figure out had nothing to do with foreign languages.  Their tipping culture was so odd to us.  I had even heard stories about some waiters/waitresses becoming offended in some European countries after receiving a tip…
House Vote Commits Mass. To Climate Accord
BOSTON (AP) _ The Massachusetts House of Representatives has approved legislation that commits the state to the Paris climate accord even though the U.S. is no longer participating.
The House voted 145-10 on Wednesday in favor of the bill sponsored by Rep...
How ISIS Terrorists Are Using Video Game Consoles
Some people blame school shootings and other heinous acts with guns on violent video games. But it may surprise you to learn that terrorist attacks may be planned by using the same kind of Playstation 4 or XBox One that sits in your living room right now...
At Least 30 Reported Dead in Paris Attack
At least 30 people are reported to have been killed in a series of attacks in Paris, France.
A shooting was reported at a restaurant and there were at least two blasts at other locations.
There's also word of a hostage situation at a concert hall where an American band was playing..…
Paris Bans Love Locks
While I was walking the Cliff Walk in Newport a couple of weeks ago, I noticed some locks fastened to a fence overlooking the water. Someone called the show and informed me that they were a rage in Europe called Love Locks. I also found out that these love locks are becoming a real problem in Paris…
Love Locks On Newport’s Cliffwalk
Anybody know what's up with these locks on this fence in Newport near @SalveRegina? #Cliffwalk #Graduation
— Michael Rock (@MichaelRock107) May 18, 2015
I found out something new today! I was at the Cliffwalk in Newport with my family over the weekend when I came …

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