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House Explodes On Live TV
A police officer was reported to be involved in a shooting at a home in New Hampshire just before a fire and explosion destroyed the home Monday afternoon according to authorities.
The officer has died as a result of the shooting.
Aerial coverage from WMUR-TV shows flames and then  an explos…
New Wooden Coaster To Open At Storyland
I love roller coasters! My favorite ones are the old fashioned wooden coasters like the "Comet" at the old Lincoln Park, or the one that is decades old at Canobie Lake Park.
There is a NEW wooden coaster that is just about ready to open, and its a drive away at Storyland in New Hamp…
Store In New Hampshire Has People Spooked
I have never witnessed any kind of paranormal activity in person before, and i know a lot of it is mind games. With that said, take a look at this video about a store in Gilford New Hampshire that has the employees at the store spooked.
New Hampshire Farmer Feeds Turkeys Beer For Better Flavor And Size
Why not get them drunk before..well you know? They end up on my table with all the fixing's! It's the American way! One New Hampshire man does just that! Joe Morette says his turkeys will drink just about anything.
According to The Huffington Post, Morette, has been raising about 50 Thanksgiving turk…
Elementary School Bans “Tag” From Recess
A Nashua New Hampshire Elementary School has banned the game of "Tag" because of safety concerns.
The principal said that the policy has always been "no contact" and this game violates the policy.
According to Fox News, Charlotte Avenue Elementary School Principal Patricia Beaulieu…

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