Tom Brady Sunbathing… Naked?
How would you spend your last week before getting back behind center for the best team in the world? Studying game tape... Maybe getting in a few more workouts? If you're Tom Brady, you go sunbathing... NAKED!
EXCLUSIVE: Naked Tom Brady sure seems to be enjoying his #Deflategate suspension https…
Prince Harry’s Naked Salute On Facebook
I'm sure you've heard by now about Prince Harry's nude photos taken of him while in Las Vegas last week.  I don't know what the Prince was thinking when he allowed this to happen, but he is finding support with a Facebook group called "Support Prince Harry with a Na…
Do Shower Radios Still Exist?
Back in the late 80's and 90's, when you did your morning routine, you jumped in the shower and flipped on your waterproof, suction cupped, shower radio to FUN 107 and scrubbed away yesterday's nonsense.