19 Year Old Dartmouth Man Killed in Motorcycle Crash
A motorcyclist collided with an SUV at the intersection of Main Road and Pond Bridge Road in Tiverton on Thursday, August 27. Both the driver of the SUV, a 56-year-old woman from Little Compton, and the motorcyclist, 19-year-old from Dartmouth, were rushed to St...
Somerset Man, Daniel Rebello, Arrested For Speeding On Motorcycle
Massachusetts State Police arrested a 29 year old Somerset man this morning in Randolph. They say Daniel Rebello has been weaving in and out of traffic on local highways repeatedly over the past week. As heard on Fun 107 this morning, the State Police appealed to the public for help in finding the m…
Meet The Owner Of The Fairhaven Fire Arrow [VIDEO]
Have you seen this vehicle driving around the Fairhaven area, and you didn't know what the heck it was? It intrigues me enough to follow the owner to his house and find out. It's called the "Fire Arrow" and owner Tom Loo explains all about it.
Here’s What a Flaming Motorcycle Looks Like
We have to admit that the concept of a flaming motorcycle grabs our attention just as much as the idea of Kate Upton doing gymnastics. OK well, maybe not that much, but still -- motorcycle plus fire ...  that’s a pretty awesome combination!