A 47-Year-Old Mother Covered Herself in One Direction Tattoos
A 47-year-old mother is probably a bigger One Direction fan than most 14-year-old girls. Jayne Bailey of Wolverhampton, West Mids in the U.K. has shown her dedication to One Direction in a huge, permanent and potentially painful way: she has over 20 tattoos dedicated to the British boy band.
Is It Okay For Pregnant Women To Drink Wine?
It's a question that often comes up after a woman finds out that she's expecting, and usually people would jump right to "no", but according to a new article in the Wall Street Journal women might get a different answer.
Fairhaven Cops Arrest Mom And Daughter After Crime Spree
A mother and her daughter were picked-up by Fairhaven Police after they allegedly carjacked a Lexus from a shopping plaza and pawned pieces of stolen jewelry.
According to Fairhaven Police, the spree began when two cars got into an accident at the entrance of Ocean State Job Lot plaza in Fairhaven...

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