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Getting Your Two Year Old To Listen To You [AUDIO]
Seems like yesterday he began to crawl, walk, say his first words, and now he's at the stage where he thinks everything is his, and won't give you the time of day unless he wants something. The terrible two's are here and all you want is for him to listen, even if it's for just a…
This Article of Clothing Puzzles Me [AUDIO]
One of women in Fun 107's Sales Department wore this to work today.  Kristen from our Promotions Department wore something similar yesterday.  It reminds me of draping a towel over your shoulders and back and walking around with that all day long.  How annoying?
What’s In A Name? Fun Morning Show [AUDIO]
Ever thought about changing your first name?  JR's sister has done it multiple times.  His nephew has just done it.  This morning, I revealed what I would change my name to if I did. In case you missed it...listen here: