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Michael Rock’s Chicken and Sausage Soup Recipe [AUDIO]
I made some delicious homemade soup this weekend.  I thought it would be helpful to make a meal over the weekend that we could have a couple of night's this week.  I'm just trying to be Mr. Helpful...but it annoyed my wife.  After I was spotted in the grocery store by one of…
Bidet Use On Southcoast Shocks Fun Morning Show [AUDIO]
I would have never dreamed they would be so common on the Southcoast, but apparently they are more common around here than I thought. Have you ever used a bidet? Do you have one in your home?
Click below to listen to JR, Michael Rock and Larry cracking up about bidet use on the Fun Morning Show...
FUN Morning Show Finally Reveals Prank To JR [AUDIO]
The FUN Morning Show explained their actions this morning to everyone listening concerning what happened yesterday. In fact, there was no offensive act or anything for that matter done. It was the creativity of of our listening audience that made it more real for our unsuspecting J.R.

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