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Michael Rock vs. Lisa Paige: The Super Bowl Bet
Patriots vs Eagles, the game of the year. Our own Lisa Page believes that the Philadelphia Eagles are going to beat the New England Patriots, while Michael believes Brady and the Pats will take the win.
Michael Rock: 7 Tips To A Memorable Wedding Reception
I have DJ'd a ton of weddings with my company, Michael Rock Music. Over the years, I've noticed a pattern of things brides and grooms can do to ensure their reception is particularly memorable. Here's my list:
1. The Venue. When it comes to making your wedding memorable...
Eversource and National Grid Blizzard Outage Maps
As #Bombogenesis #CycloneBomb continues to affect the Southcoast, we are getting reports of power outages across the region.  Chelsea Priest is expecting to see heavy snowfall for the remainder of the day (2-3 inches an hour at times) with strong wind gusts of up to 50-60 MPH...
Chelsea Priest Explains ‘Bombogenesis’.
We've seen a lot of alarming terms on the internet to describe tomorrow's Southcoast storm.  #BlizzardBomb #BombCyclone and #Bombogenesis are now trending.  What in the heck is "bombogenesis"?  We just had to ask Chelsea Priest from ABC 6 this morning.

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