Can Women Resist a Man Who Smells Like Chocolate? [VIDEO]
With our first ever Women's Chocolate Affair coming up, we have been looking at all things chocolate these days. Chris from our promotions department stumbled across a new way that men can actually smell like chocolate, and decided to let Billy Teed in on the secret as well.
Top 10 Cars For Men and Women
With all the uproar around here this week about Scott's new semi feminine ride, I got to thinking and well I wanted to know, does being male or female change what you look for in a vehicle?
New Study Says Women Talk More Than Men
We'll here a little something we kinda don't talk enough, and women...well, Maybe this has happened to you? A husband, boyfriend, brother, friend ever tell you that you talk too much? It turns out that there is a very scientific reason for this to occur.

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