Naps Linked With Risk Of Death
I am so bummed out about this news. It turns out one of my very favorite activities may be hazardous to your health! If you like to nap...a new study shows that they may not be good for you.
Getting Engaged A Little Differently
Traditionally, when a couple gets engaged, the man asks the woman to marry him.  She gets a diamond ring and the planning begins!
Well, sometimes couples decide to things a little untraditionally and that's ok too!  A trend that is becoming more and more popular is women asking men to …
Trying To Look Good: Men Give Up Younger Than Women
A fascinating new British study shows that women are more reluctant to throw in the towel when it comes to caring about their looks.  The study shows that women fight the aging process with everything they have until they get dragged away (kicking and screaming) at the average age of 59.&n…
Craigslist Vendors Selling Positive Pregnancy Tests
Pregnant? Need some extra money? Don't throw away that positive pregnancy test. Sell it! Here's something new and very disturbing happening on the net. Have you been waiting for your boyfriend to pop the question? Want to play a trick on your family...
Chivalry: Do You Think It’s Alive Or Dead? [POLL]
Last week as I was leaving the grocery store, I saw a young guy open the  car door to let his girl in. As I'm pulling a superwomen stunt by carrying all 8 of my bags into my car by myself it got me thinking - maybe chivalry isn't dead?

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