memorial day

How to Celebrate Memorial Day in GIF Form
Americans across the country celebrate Memorial Day in honor of those who have died while in the military service. Though it's a day of remembrance, it also kicks off the most fun part of the year -- summer! For many, Memorial Day signals the beginning of beach season and barbecu…
The Best Memorial Day Drink Recipes
Remember to toast the members of the United States Military this weekend, past and present  From Bunker Hill to Iraq, We are free because of their sacrifice. Freedom often is celebrated by drinking.
Low Calorie and Healthy Options At Summer Cookouts
If you've been diligent about making smart choices in an effort to look good and slim down, don't throw it all away with the temptations at parties this summer. Cheating every now and then won't completely ruin your efforts. But the summer is laden with get-togethers that include anyt…
15 War Movies to Get You Ready For Memorial Day
Many war films have been produced with the cooperation of a nation's military forces. The United States Navy has been very cooperative since World War II in providing ships and technical guidance, Top Gun being the most famous example.