Message Of Love On Fairhaven’s Route 6
We're not sure if this is graffiti or if it was a message that was commissioned by the owners of the Nice 'N Clean Car Wash on Route 6 in Fairhaven. Either way, though we don't condone graffiti, it's hard not to like the core message of LOVE...
How to Wear a Claddagh Ring
My twin sister and I got Claddagh Rings from our grandmother for Christmas. The heart represents love, the hands symbolize friendship, and the crown signifies loyalty.
Kayla immediately put hers on her right hand with the heart facing out, so I followed suit...
Careers With The Highest Marital Rate
Through recent talks of careers with the highest divorce rate, I stumbled upon yet another interesting and completely opposite statistic: The highest 'marital' rate within couples who share a common or similar occupation.
Loren Petisce Loved Cats Even As a Baby [VIDEO]
We all know Loren Petisce loves her cats and this video can prove it. We have found exclusive video of Loren age 6 months. Watch how excited she gets when her mom shows her a cat.
OK, well we're totally lying. It's a home video from the Merkley family and it is one of the most adorable…
How Much Would You Pay For Love?
A 29-year old Alabama man is paying anyone who can find him a girlfriend $10,000.
This sounds like it would be a joke, but it's actually 100% serious. Ren Lu You has set up a website where people can submit their friends and family members to go out on a date with him...

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