Laser hair removal

Summer Beauty Bash At Ideal Image
Have you been thinking about treating yourself to some services at Ideal Image, but want to know more about them first? Their nationwide Summer Beauty Bash is the event for you!
Alternatives To Shaving [Sponsored]
We can no longer hide behind long sleeve shirts and pants. Ti's the season to invest in Gillette products and spend a fortune in the process. Razors are not cheap. And waxing, although a better alternative to get more time before hair growth, can be painful and does not permanently eradicate th…
Do You Manscape?
As a woman, our society expects us to tweeze, pluck, shave, wax and even laser hair remove any hair that's not considered aesthetically pleasing. It's normal for us. And sure, in the winter, we thank the good Lord for long sleeve shirts and pants. Give those razors a little more rest than …