Loren Petisce’s Classy Pink Inflatable Chair [VIDEO]
Hey Kids of the 80's! Remember when you had that disgusting, brown beanbag chair with the optional ducktape strips, to hold in any of the beads that would've leaked out? Well, Loren is trying to class up her office with an inflatable pink piece of nonsense, that almost resembles the bean…
Michael Rock New Shoes For Spring
Wow. That's all I can really say. Usually, we are deep into the season of summer when I start on Michael's fashion sense, but these shoes might just beat the Nantucket pants.
Five Year Old Hacks Into Dad’s XBox One
All video game consoles from companies like Sony and Microsoft try to take security into effect right? Sony had an issue a few years back where their Playstation Network got hacked, now Microsoft is having an issue, with a five year old, who managed to hack into his dad's Xbox One account to p…
Rare Historical Photos In Color
Whenever I see pictures of history, past wars, or events before the 1960's, I assume the world was black and white. There's not too many color pictures of Abraham Lincoln lying around, or how certain cities looked like back in the 1900's, that is until now.

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