Birthday Shout-Outs At Restaurants [VIDEO]
So last night, my wife asked me where I wanted to go for dinner. It was my birthday and haven't been at Texas Roadhouse in a while so I blurted that out not thinking about what they, and other restaurants do if they catch wind that there's a birthday in the house.
Wareham Eastern Bank Robber Looks JUST LIKE Larry
Some tense moments yesterday here at Fun 107. Shortly after the Eastern Bank on Main Street was robbed, we received surveillance photos from the Wareham Police Department. We all looked at each other thinking the same thing, Larry robbed a bank this morning. Luckily, the FBI arrested the suspect …
Larry Celebrates A Milestone Birthday
February 26th, 1978. Was that really 35 years ago? Wow. I don't feel old or any older for that matter. Just feels like another number to me. I still goof off and play like a little kid, and that couldn't drive my wife up a wall faster than anything.
Be Creative For Valentine’s Day
You could do what everyone else does and buy the chocolates, card, and flowers for Valentine's Day, but wouldn't it mean more to your wife, or girlfriend if you made them Valentine's Day gifts?
When holidays roll around, I like to be different...
Larry Goofs On Justin Bieber
Thanks to my wife, who has fantastic ideas, and my uncanny graphic design background, I was able to make a picture of Justin Bieber caught up in yet another controversy.

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