Larry’s Body By Vi Challenge [SPONSORED]
Got the FUN Morning Show cruise coming up on May 2nd, and it's about time for me to lose some weight. I'm already well on my way, and Body By Vi is a great addition to me getting healthy, losing weight, and getting more energy.
Super Mario Larry Sports Mustache [VIDEO]
Another day, another facial hair change. I show up to the FUN Morning Show this morning facing controversy (no pun intended) with my mustache. And no, I didn't model it after one from those no-no videos.
Where Are All The Karaoke Hot Spots On The Southcoast? [VIDEO]
Back before I was a dad, I lived and breathed karaoke. For those that have seen me do my thing, it was performance at its best. I am the Michael Jackson of karaoke, minus the moves. But, here and there, I've tried to find the places that have karaoke to keep the singing thing going, and someone a…
Thanks For The Birthday Cards Whoever You Are
Today, my wife came home and gave me two birthday cards that someone sent anonymously to the radio station. This is definately someone who listens to the FUN Morning Show because the cards included two of my favorite things, the Dallas Cowboys and beer.

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