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Lady Gaga’s Label Tells Her to Lose Weight
Lady Gaga's recent weight gain is quite a hot topic. The singer, who's been seen with a fuller, curvier figure, admitted to packing on 25 pounds due to her dad's Italian cooking. Now there are reports that her label Interscope has told her to drop the excess baggage.
Lady Gaga Models Flower Headpiece at Philip Treacy Fashion Show
Lady Gaga is keeping the avant garde motif going in the wake of her Fame fragrance launch in New York City, where she slept in a life-sized perfume bottle, let people touch her hand and had the back of her head tattooed. Gaga hit up hatmaker Philip Treacy's show in London on Sunday (Sept. 16) and sh…
Lady Gaga’s Fame Perfume on Track to Rake in $1 Billion
Oh the Fame. It's a blessing and a curse, but when it comes to Lady Gaga and her debut fragrance 'Fame,' it's a blessing times a billion. Word is that the scent, which is black in bottle form but is clear when airborne, is on track to rake in a billion dollars in profits. Yes, a …
Lady Gaga Pees in Pail at Fame Perfume Launch
Lady Gaga launched her Fame fragrance in New York City at the Guggenheim last night (Sept. 13) with a live stream of the event and the corresponding film. This all equated to one of the weirdest things we've ever witnessed in Gagaville.
Lady Gaga Tweets North American Winter 2013 Tour Dates
January 11. That’s when Lady Gaga will kick off the North American leg of the Born This Way Ball tour, people! That’s right, American and Canadian little monsters will get their Gaga fix. The Mother Monster will return her native continent for a tour this coming winte…
Lady Gaga Gets Pelted With … a Britney Spears Cell Phone?!
While Lady Gaga was performing in Finland this week, a little monster threw a cell phone with a photo of Britney Spears on it on stage. We’re not sure why a monster would toss their valuable phone on stage, since they are expensive, contain sensitive personal information, are essential to modern com…

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