Soap Box Derby Returns to Fall River
The Greater Fall River RE-Creation Soap Box Derby returns to Fall River on August 15th!  Last year dozens of families turned out to watch their children raced down the hill at North Park in mini cars that looked like space ships, race cars, muscle cars and more.
Ten Weeks Of Free Fun Friday Starts This Week
Summer is officially here and the Free Fun Fridays are back. Free Fun Fridays is a program for the summer throughout the state of Massachusetts. Each Friday through August 28th, different museums, parks and attractions will grant free access and admission as part of their involvement.
Poll: When Do You Stop Being Single?
We were talking on the air this morning about being single.  I told Loren that when I think back on my "single days", I usually include the time that I was married without kids.  I told Loren that even though she has been married for 2 years...
5 Year Old is Moving On [VIDEO]
Have you ever gotten so frustrated with your sibling that you actually wanted to run away from home? Saige and Tanner started butting heads and now Saige has had enough.
Saige is the feisty five year old girl in this video. She makes it perfectly clear that she's ready to "move on...
What Your Kids Really Think of You (VIDEO)
We all wonder how we're doing as parents and most of us think we're doing  a kind of 'eh' job.  Our kids fight for our attention while we're trying to get work done- housework, homework, work that didn't get done at the office in time- all this stuff that make…
Lies Parents Tell To Make Their Kids Behave
It’s understood that lying is bad, but sometimes it’s the only way to get kids to behave. Little “white lies” like telling them you can tell if they brushed their teeth (who can really do that?), or that the Boogey Man under their bed will …
Who’s Who at Kidabaloo
You've already got your tickets and you know that Calum Worthy will be on hand to meet & greet everyone. But do you know who else you'll see at Kidabaloo?
InstaKids We Can’t Get Enough Of
Instagram is one of our favorite social medias and mostly because its an endless stream of inspiring and fun photos!   Some of our favorite accounts chronicle the everyday lives of kids and their families, giving us a glimpse into what other parents go through on a daily basis...

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