‘Comical Christmas Photo’ Gone Wrong
Hannah Hawkes Photography is facing some serious backlash after posting this photo on their Facebook page. What was intended to be a 'comical Christmas photo,' is turning into a controversy over sexism. Critics claim the photo "perpetuates 'violence against women&ap…
Hoverboards: Are They Safe? [Poll]
Just like almost every other kid in America, hoverboards are on the top of my kids' Christmas list.  They are rather pricey, and new reports say they could be dangerous.  Will you get them for your kids?  Take our poll.
Our Favorite Pumpkin Patch Kids
Each fall our newsfeeds are filled with pictures of kids sitting awkwardly near and on top of pumpkins. We asked you to send in your own cute and funny photos from your families and you delivered! Although all were adorable, our favorite photo is from Cathryn Norris who's baby is unhappily …
Kid’s Mud Run Returns to Dartmouth YMCA
It's not nearly as intense as the adult mud runs that have become popular over the last few years, but its definitely as dirty!  The YMCA Dartmouth is bringing back it's Kids Mud Run as part of it's Annual Campaign, which also includes a 5k and 10k road race for the serious runne…

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