Kesha Talks Animal Love, Hippies + Hip-Hop in VIBE
For those only familiar with Kesha in terms of her chart toppers, it's easy to dismiss the glitter fiend as little more than an unapologetic, party-hopping booze hound. While that assessment is partially true -- she does like whiskey and having fun -- there's a lot more to K-Dollar Sign-sha than tha…
Big Acts Bring Out The New Songs
With the new Fall season, come new TV shows, a crop of new movies, the new Fall line of clothing, and of course the new 2013 car models.   But many of our favorite recording artists also have also sent some fresh new music our way.
Ke$ha Bares All In Twitter Photo
We wouldn't be too far off to say that Ke$ha marches to the beat of a different drum. Her latest tweet shows us how she prepares for the MTV Video Music Awards, and apparently clothing in optional.